The Annual Festival of Our Lady of Porto in Gimigliano

Every year, the festival of Our Lady of Porto attracts numerous pilgrims, including many emigrants who return specifically to participate in the celebrations. The procession, which starts from Gimigliano and arrives at the Basilica of Porto, remains a moment of deep spirituality and faith.


The ritual is celebrated annually during the Monday and Tuesday of Pentecost: thousands of pilgrims arrive from various localities of the province and region, first stopping at the Cathedral of Gimigliano, then proceeding in a procession to the Sanctuary at the location Madonna di Porto.

On the Tuesday after Pentecost, the painting is taken down from the High Altar and placed on the “vara.” Eight carriers, followed by numerous faithful, begin the procession towards Our Lady of Porto. Upon arrival, the traditional “cunfrunta” with the statue of Saint Joseph and a solemn Mass in the Basilica takes place.

During the Pentecost Mass, one of the mayors of the province lights a “votive lamp.” The procession, accompanied by a musical band, covers over 5 km along a mountainous path.


Here is a short video from the local broadcaster:

Youtube video preview festa Madonna di Porto Gimigliano

Here is a longer video of the 2023 procession:

Youtube video preview festa Madonna di Porto Gimigliano

During the “cunfrunta,” fireworks are lit. After the meeting, the image of the Madonna and the statue of Saint Joseph are venerated by the faithful in the Basilica. In the evening, the painting returns to Gimigliano with a second “cunfrunta.” The procession concludes in the Cathedral, where the painting remains on display until the Sunday after Pentecost.

The festivities include band music concerts and fireworks during the three days of celebration and the “cunfrunte.”


Modern views of the world might try to confine these events to the realm of “local folklore” and “cultural heritage,” but these recurring events will only hold significance if they continue to represent a moment of deep spirituality for participants and spectators alike.


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Cover Photocredit: Dario Crespi , license CC 4.0



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